Powerful systems for a smooth journey.

Central Taxis has been running on Sherlock Taxi since February 2017. We heard about Haulmont Technology, the manufacturers of Sherlock through their work with Addison Lee.

The system works using an auto allocator which automatically dispatches jobs. The auto allocator dispatches 100% of our work, which has helped us to drive up fleet efficiency by increasing the number of jobs we can do per driver, reducing dead mileage and also removing any perceived unfairness from manual job allocation.

The impact that Sherlock Taxi has made to Central Taxis has been huge – we have been able to increase efficiency and driver productivity; the reporting functions have been extremely useful in giving us visibility over drivers and the Sherlock team are available to support us on an ongoing basis. This all means that we are able to give our customers a better, more consistent and professional level of service.